These Boots Aren't Made for Walkin'

Join Laura on January 27 from 2:30-4:00pm PST to learn about the cultural history of shoes. Understand why shoes were never meant to make your body feel good and how they can actually create wear and tear!

Walking Home

Why walk?
I feel powerful in my body when I walk
I feel gratitude for my physicality when I walk
I gain clarity when I walk
I sense the things I need to know when I walk

When I walk
I take the path of desire
When I walk
I take up space
When I walk 
I shed my good girl skin

When I walk
I walk myself 
back to myself

-Laura Brazeal

The next cycle of Wild Walking Woman begins February 13, 2021 and runs until April 17.

Reserve your spot now!

Reserve your spot now!

The Spring 2021 cycle of Wild Walking Woman begins Saturday, February 13 and ends Saturday April 17. Review the calendar below for the full schedule.

Reserve your spot now!

Still not sure if Wild Walking Woman is right for you? Click the button below to schedule a time to talk with me.

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