About Mind Over Muscle

Meet Laura

After years of training for competitive sports, Mind Over Muscle founder Laura Brazeal was “fit” and in pain. In her mid-twenties, she was already experiencing substantial knee twinges just getting out of her car and low back spasms while jogging.  The focus on getting fit and looking good was at odds with her long-term goals of optimal health and longevity.

This realization drove Laura to completely revamp how she views fitness and incorporates movement into her life. Her holistic approach prioritizes everyday movement and how it makes her feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Laura pealed away the activities that left her feeling rundown and endlessly striving for results that didn’t add to her quality of life. She began moving in ways that allowed her to experience joy, calm, and empowerment. She stopped pursuing the exercise she “should” do, and embraced the movement that spoke to her soul.

Inspired by her own progress, Laura slowly began incorporating her new approach with students and established Mind Over Muscle in 2017. Movement that feels good and knowledge of proper alignment proved to be effective for almost any age, gender, body type, and many common musculoskeletal issues.

Laura continues to follow her body’s wisdom, moving in ways that feel good. For her that includes walking, gardening, and playing with her husband and son.

Certifications held by Laura

  • Certified Personal Trainer –  American Council on Exercise
  • Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist
  • Certified MovNat Level 1 Coach
  • Functional Movement Screen, 1
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Mind Over Muscle Approach

Mind Over Muscle’s approach is about giving you the tools you need to understand how your body operates. When you know how to check in on your body’s alignment, you can reduce wear and tear. You do the same for your car, so why not for yourself? Laura teaches exercises designed to encourage better alignment, while also sharing the ‘why’ behind the movement so you can be empowered to incorporate smarter movement patterns into everyday life. 

Laura uses a combination of posture retraining based on biomechanical principles, self-massage, muscular releases, and targeted stretches and exercises for both over and under-used muscles. She advocates for movement that encourages mindfulness, self-compassion, and accessing deeper knowing.

Mind Over Muscle Mission

Mind Over Muscle strives to encourage others to move smarter and live better by providing quality movement education and promoting movement-based lifestyles.

Key Values

  • Move Intentionally
  • Support Growth
  • Enhance Longevity
  • Stay Local
  • Think Sustainably

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