M.O.M Method


Laura Brazeal created Mind Over Muscle because she wanted to contribute to making the Tri-Cities a more healthy, vibrant place to live through restorative exercise.

After years of training for competitive sports Laura was fit and in pain. She looked around at her own family and friends, and regardless of activities or age, everyone she knew was hurting too. Wanting to help herself and others fully participate in the activities they love, she began studying human movement. And it turns out that efficient movement and proper alignment can lead to pain-free living.

Laura will help you move smarter in order to live better. Using a systematic approach to alignment based on the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman, Mind Over Muscle’s method is about giving you the tools you need to understand how your body’s alignment can be a solution to acute stress as well as your normal aches and pains. You will not only learn some exercises designed to encourage better alignment, but you will also learn the ‘why’ behind the movement and be empowered to incorporate smarter movement patterns into everyday life.

Your body is more complex than the most advanced engine man can produce. Yet most of us know more about reducing the wear and tear on our cars than we do about reducing the wear and tear on our bodies.

Choose Mind Over Muscle to regain awareness of how your body works and understand your current movement patterns. From these two things come the ability to make great progress, allowing you to get back to doing the activities you truly love.

So are you ready to get back to the activities you love?

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E-mail laura@trainmindovermuscle.com Hours https://calendly.com/mindovermuscle
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