1:1 Session

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You want to know what to work on, but can take it from there.

Private coaching that focuses on your priorities.



Private Coaching Session that focuses on your priorities.

Virtual or In Person- In Person only in Omaha Metro area as of July 2021.

Choose from 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute training session.

11 reviews for 1:1 Session

  1. Cynthia

    I have so much respect for what Laura does and the fact that she is really good at what she does! Her work as a restorative exercise specialist has the potential to change so many lives and has changed my life! I love to hike, but I was very limited in my ability to do so, as I would have severe pain in my achilles that made it difficult to walk for several days afterwards. After doing a session with Laura, where she did an assessment and then recommended changes to the way I was moving when I was hiking, I can now say that I can hike 20 miles a day easily and pain free!

  2. Danielle

    Laura blew me away by her breadth of knowledge as it relates to women’s health, body mechanics, and repair/rehabilitation exercises. She is incredibly competent at a variety of exercises. She has such a kind, beautiful spirit and was able to immediately calm my insecurities and encourage me on a path towards rehabilitation and strength. I still implement the things that Laura taught me during our training sessions.

  3. Ernie

    I came to Laura for pain management. Past back and knee surgeries had me concerned about pain limiting my activities. I lead field trips for our local native plant society. Laura set an eight week schedule for treatment. In my eighth week I am happy to say Laura’s methods have me back in the field, my pain level has been greatly reduced and actually disappeared for the first time in months. Laura is knowledgeable and professional. I am truly grateful to Laura for making my outdoor activities enjoyable again.

  4. Ekta

    Laura awakened those muscle groups in my body which I never knew existed before.

  5. Sandy

    I have been doing personal training with Laura for a few months now. One thing I was impressed with right away was her knowledge of the physiology of our bodies. She has been teaching me movements and postures I wish I would have known years ago, helping me to become more aware of correct positioning to avoid injury and improve strength, balance, and mobility. I enjoy Laura’s enthusiasm and how she supports my own goals and expectations. She is understanding of my personal physical impediments and develops routines accordingly, while still challenging me to progress and do my best. I recommend her expertise and passion.

  6. Mike

    I am a 69 year old kidney cancer survivor with two heart stents and various joint arthritis. Laura knows how to speak to me in terms I understand. She is irrepressibly cheerful and makes our sessions fun .

  7. Lorelei

    I am a 69 year old, over-weight, relatively healthy female who has … right-sided osteoarthritis and had a modified toupee stomach surgery in April 2017, which now has a tennis ball sized hernia. Laura’s knowledge of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and exercises and how each interacts has made it possible to achieve weight loss and toning with negative impact on any of my medical conditions. I have all confidence in her and her teaching abilities.

  8. Chris

    I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Brazeal for 3 months as my personal trainer. I am a retirement age male who was seeking to improve my physical well-being after living with some physical limitations associated with some prior health issues. I am a person with a very positive outlook on life and driven to succeed in all that I put my mind to. I had always been physically active and competitive. My health issues had knocked me “down”, and I moved to a sedentary lifestyle. I put my mind to finding an empathetic and emotionally intelligent personal trainer who understood where I was coming from, understood biomechanics, and would help me by: 1) designing a creative workout program that could deal with my balance and endurance issues and provide workarounds to get me back to my former ways; 2) inspire me believe in myself and my abilities to get there; and 3) provide accountability so that I would not fall “off the wagon” and continue to improve. A tall order for sure.

    Then I found Laura Brazeal. She fit each of those criteria to a tee. She is an expert at bio-mechanics and restorative personal training. She has taught me a new way of moving, increased my balance, strength and the discipline. She has taught me to have a conscious, consistent focus on my body and how it operates most efficiently. She is very positive, with a can-do attitude, intelligent, a great listener and communicator, with a keen ability to observe and translate. She has always made me feel that it is her sole mission to make me better. Who could ask for more?

  9. Kris

    Laura is not just about the fitness level improvement of her clients, but also the overall movement of how our bodies affect everything we do.

    I have benefited greatly by working with Laura over the last couple years. Although my workouts were effective, she shared her knowledge of why the muscles react to various movements based on form and habits. By focusing on movement, she helped create a workout and lifestyle that became not only a more effective, but something to last long term and used in everyday life.

    Her focus on form is of high importance. This is something that I have greatly appreciated as proper form has helped to reduce muscle pain and injury.

    Laura takes time to get to know her clients and the goals they want to achieve. Through this, she learns how to motivate her clients and uses this to help them; through small achievable goals, to pushing beyond our own limits.

    A personal trainer is an important role in the success of someone’s overall goals. I am grateful to have Laura by my side to help encourage and equip me with the tools needed to help reach those goals.

  10. Norma

    I encourage you to sign up for the outstanding exercise training provided by Laura Brazeal. Laura will show you exactly what your muscles need to do, so you can move with confidence. If you can’t get up and down from the floor without pain, she will move her furniture so you can use a bench. Laura truly cares about her students and has the patience and love to work with them to achieve as much as they can with the body they have.

  11. Janet

    I really enjoyed working with Laura. Because I am deconditioned after years of chronic illness, my main concerns were posture and loss of strength. Laura taught me to use every day movements to correct my posture and increase strength. As a bonus my balance also improved. I highly recommend Laura as a personal trainer – she was fun to work with!

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