1:1 Session + Video Review

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Receive a personalized video containing all of the content from your session. Because details matter, and you want to remember them all.



Private Coaching Session that focuses on your priorities.

Video Review of everything you learned in your session, including recommended reps and sets.

Virtual or In Person- In Person only in Omaha Metro area as of July 2021.

Choose from 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute training session.

5 reviews for 1:1 Session + Video Review

  1. Jolene Angelos

    Working with Laura in a 1:1 session has been the best training event I’ve ever experienced! It is personalized to my needs and directs me toward reaching the physical goals I want to accomplish. Laura works with me to strengthen muscles, gives me exercises to relax muscles and is encouraging every step of the way. Not only is each session “just what I needed” – the video review she provides as an after training online video steps me through each of the exercises for my daily practice. Since she provides this video review, I am not trying to remember each exercise or write them down during the session (adding a level of stress to the session.) She makes every effort to make your session anxiety-free and comfortable, she works with you where you are and where you want to go. Laura provided everything I need to work on the exercises throughout the week, her suggested exercises help me feel stronger and more confident with other daily activities. Her training has allowed me to live life “Better!” I would not have believed I could improve as much as I have in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Laura!

  2. Joan B Beverlin

    Laura had previously helped me in a group class with changes in how I hiked up and down hills, and those few sessions made positive changes in my subsequent hiking experiences. So when I was experiencing difficulty with rehab after rotator cuff surgery, I signed up for a couple of private training sessions with Laura. I knew Laura was a restorative exercise specialist and could help me with the difficulty I was having with physical therapy stretches and strengthening. I was so pleased with every phase of my training with Laura. Laura spent time before our session to review my exercises and was prepared to address each issue I was having. My actual training was 100% targeted on fixing my body alignment issues. Her lesson follow up, in the form of a video recapping my session, allowed me to review and adjust whenever I was working at home on my rehab. I feel that these training sessions changed the course of my physical therapy. I highly recommend Laura as a trainer. Her knowledge and preparation, and post lesson video make her the best I’ve ever worked with. Time with Laura always equals results for me.

  3. Theresa Schippers

    Laura is great. When I came to her I was having issues with my pelvic floor from c-section, 17 years previous, and poor body mechanics for years. She really helped me set up an easy exercise routine that has helped me to heal and feel better and get more function. She was able to easily tailor something that worked for me that I could easily incorporate into my daily routine. I don’t hurt like I used to and if I do start hurting I know what to do now. She’s great to work with and can accommodate any level.

  4. G Collazo

    I highly recommend Laura for any of your physical challenges. I have worked with personal trainers and physical therapists in the past and she is by far the best and I wish I had this sort of training much earlier in my life! Laura instructed me on proper body alignment and innovative stretches/exercises. Many of the sessions were over Zoom and I was pleased with how well that format worked. Within a couple of sessions my chronic aches and pains dramatically decreased, and I can now walk and hike much greater distances with much less discomfort. She provided me with a new appreciation for the interconnectedness of the human body and how correcting or addressing an imbalance, misalignment or tightness in one area of the body can help with aches in an entirely different part of the body! I appreciate that Laura provides me with a YouTube video recap of what was covered in each session and the option for separate videos on specific routines for me to perform in the following days/weeks. I now have a YouTube playlist library of videos created by Laura specifically for me to refer to down the road. I feel so fortunate to have found her. She has provided me with an incredible foundation for a healthy active lifestyle long into the future.

  5. Michael Mealer (verified owner)

    Laura is wonderful to work with. I spent years sitting in an office chair and lost flexibility and postural strength. I thought I could combat this by spending more time being active but what I really needed was Laura to help identify and correct the poor movement patterns I had developed. I was most impressed with her ability to pick up on my weaknesses and her knowledge of how to progressively build in the movements and exercises I needed to correct those weaknesses. Having the video review(s) has been a great way for me to ensure I was still correctly practicing the training techniques I learned months ago. I would recommend her to anyone. She has done an incredible job and I will continue to work with her!

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