Wild Wanderer Walking Bootcamp – Single Walk


Choose which walks to attend during the week-long Walking Bootcamp!

During each walk of the Walking Bootcamp you will:

  • Take a 45-minute walk
  • Visit a great Tri-Cities walking spot
  • Practice a different aspect of walking

No Upcoming Walks Scheduled.

See Description section below to learn more about past Walking Bootcamps.


Can’t make it to all 4 walks in the Walking Bootcamp?

Purchase just the number you can attend!


Choose which walks you can attend during the Walking Bootcamp.

What you’ll get at each walk:

  • a 45-minute walk
  • Focused practice on a specific aspect of walking
  • Expert coaching
  • Community
  • Motivation to get out and move!

See below for the details on the details of each day.

  • Monday, March 29 @ Leslie Groves Park- Richland, WA
    • Play with speed (fast and slow!) to learn how your arms work while walking
  • Tuesday, March 30 @ Yakima Delta- Richland, WA
    • Learn how to address those little aches that crop up while out on a walk
  • Wednesday, March 31 @ Grange Park- Kennewick, WA
    • Challenge your feet with a variety of surfaces
  • Thursday, April 1 @ Bateman Island- Kennewick, WA
    • Get your glutes involved in your walk


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