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Walking Wanderer Weekend Hikes are your opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, walk with others, and receive expert training on how to stay out on the trails for as long as possible!

No Upcoming Hikes Scheduled.

See Description section below to learn more about past hikes.


Walking Wanderer Weekend Hikes are your opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, walk with others, and receive expert training on how to stay out on the trails for as long as possible!

Choose to attend one or both hikes!

Upcoming Hikes are from 9:30-11:30am

  • Saturday, March 27 @ Chamna Natural Preserve- Richland, WA
  • Saturday, April 3 @ Twin Sisters- Touchet, WA


Chamna Natural Preserve is a great in-town hiking option without the elevation gain. We will walk the perimeter of the Preserve, beginning with the River Trail. From there we will head to the Peninsula Loop Trail then head back to the parking lot via the Sage Trail. Visit the trail map here.

  • The focus of this hike will be on how to keep your spine happy on longer walks with attention paid primarily to the low back and neck.


The Twin Sisters hike will be more strenuous than Chamna, but it is still considered moderate. The trail boasts beautiful views and should feature some amazing wild flowers by this time. View trail map and directions to the trailhead here.

  • The focus of this hike will be how to go up and down hills with less impact on your knees.

3 reviews for Wild Wanderer Weekend Hike

  1. Joan B Beverlin (verified owner)

    I did two Wild Wanderer Weekend hikes with Laura, and learned so much. First, I now have two new hiking spots. I’ve enjoyed that every walk or hike is at a different location, but the real plus is Laura’s knowledge and the difference it has made in my hiking. Each hike has a focus, and although I had previously worked with Laura on how body alignment affects both spine and knees, as usual there was more to be learned. My lower back and my right knee used to both bother me on longer hikes, and now I can’t remember the last time I had issues with either. The “ah ha” moment of climbing a steep uphill by using a bend in the ankles instead of bending at the waist and putting more pressure on the knees, was my favorite on a recent hike. This type of training, in the gym or on a hike, has lifelong applications. It is for all ages and has immediate impact. Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with Laura.

  2. G Collazo (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed Laura’s weekend hiking program. I attended two different weekend sessions in wonderful scenic hiking locations. She instructed our small group on proper walking techniques which we then practiced on the trail. My knees are the first to start hurting on a hike especially on the steep uphill and downhill. I immediately felt less pain implementing her techniques. Specifically, getting my knees to do less of the work by showing us how to get the other parts of my body (i.e. the back side and hips) to show up and do their fair share! Wow. What a revelation! Her alignment focused training provides the basics of how to walk better that I wish I had been taught much earlier in my life.

  3. Mary Peters (verified owner)

    A bit of a windy, overcast day but Laura made the whole experience well worth my time. She began our hike with advice on how to walk up hill and down correctly and a bit of warming up. Along the way she stopped to add more information and demonstrate techniques. She also answered questions and tailored her advice to individuals. Nobody was made to feel uncoordinated or less than able. Laura has a very calm and supportive way of teaching. I always learn many knew things and come away with renewed confidence in my ‘aging’ body. 🙂 If you get the opportunity to work with Laura inside, outside, or online- take it!

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