Wild Walking Woman

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Wild Walking Woman is Mind Over Muscle’s signature 9 week program supports you as you build or deepen your walking practice with a blend of alignment-centered movement classes, mindfulness practices, and community.

  • Prioritize your physical health
  • Invest in an empowering vision of lifelong wellness
  • Be part of a supportive community that keeps you moving
  • Be empowered to slow down, set aside time for yourself, and focus on your personal growth


See Wild Walking Woman page for more details.

Exact dates of next live offering in Omaha, NE coming summer 2021.

3 reviews for Wild Walking Woman

  1. Bert

    If you’re considering signing up for Wild Walking Woman, definitely go for it! It’s such a great experience.

    I signed up because I love walking outside barefoot, wanted to expand walking in a natural fashion and not sure what that meant at that point as well, and to find others who love the same thing. I do a lot of walking for exercise as well as rest and relaxation and was looking for ways to get more energy and more strength training out of that. This program really helped.

    The Core Exercises of the program became me and my husband’s morning routine and they are deceptively strong and building. While they look simple, they really kick your butt when you do them right! My favorite parts of Wild Walking Woman were experiencing the coregeous ball during my private coaching sessions and how it makes your body feel awesome. I also really enjoyed meeting other people with similar yet different goals and experiences in life. Especially the group walks- we got to watch and learn from others.

    I would do it again, using the Core Exercises to continue to build on it. It was a great experience.

    NOTE: Bert took Path 3.

  2. Kathleen

    Laura’s new program “Wild Walking Woman” showed up in my inbox at a time when I was working many hours and getting away from movement.

    As I’d worked with Laura before, I knew this would be a great opportunity to work with her again and be inspired to move more. And there was just something about the name “Wild” “Walking” “Woman” that very much intrigued me. I had visions of wild women stalking through the jungle. And even though the Tri-Cities isn’t exactly jungle territory, the program delivered all it’s name implied to me. I met wonderful women, I think each with a bit of wildness to them. I discovered a new “jungle” (new area to walk), which I love and find very peaceful. And discovered things about my body to make walking and moving more enjoyable. There is so much to this program; Laura structured it such that the information was layered so each week built upon the next and then it all looped around and came together at the end. I find I am incorporating many of the exercises throughout my day; standing in line at a grocery store, sitting in my car waiting for the light to turn green. It offered the best of in-person and virtual (in this day of COVID, that was important).

    Very glad I signed up.

    NOTE: Kathleen took Path 3.

  3. Lucy

    I had always heard and read about the benefits of walking, even for people who don’t normally exercise- that it was a good entrance way into actually getting some exercise without hurting yourself, but I always had trouble walking very far. I knew I must be doing something wrong. I couldn’t enjoy it. I knew if I learned something about it that I would be able to enjoy it more and be able to use it in my life as regular exercise.

    During Wild Walking Woman I learned different techniques for making it more comfortable to walk and the more meditative aspects of walking which helped. At the time I tended to walk looking at my feet and that took out a lot of the enjoyment. I learned to look around. I learned how to feel more comfortable walking. I found out how to walk by taking this class.

    It was an excellent class whether you were a beginning walker or had walked many miles. There were many aspects that were introduced that made me more knowledgeable about what you were doing and how to do it to be more comfortable walking and that was the important thing. I really appreciate the class. Even though I wasn’t able to do all the materials within the class, I have the tools to go forward and accomplish as much as I want to.

    NOTE: Lucy took Path 2.

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