Wild Walking Woman 2020

The Fall 2020 Pilot begins November 29.


Each life takes its own, unique path, but for 9 weeks we will walk together.

Scroll down to choose your Path.

The person Wild Walking Woman is most designed to help:

  • Desires lifelong wellness, but knows there are no silver bullets.
  • Wants knowledge and tools to be the expert on her own body so she can approach her aches and pains with understanding and compassion.
  • Loves being part of a community and is motivated by having support.
  • Views walking as an emotional refuge and a tool for personal growth.
  • Location is not an issue, I can work with women locally and nationally.

I do this by: 

  • Educating her on how her body works, specifically with regards to walking​​.
  • Breaking down misconceptions about exercise that lead to overtraining, fatigue, or injury.
  • Cultivating a welcoming and supportive community.
  • Increasing self-awareness, allowing her to recognize and address her needs.
  • Prioritizing lifelong wellness through a mindful, holistic movement practice that feels good.


Whatever path you choose, I’m looking forward to joining you on your journey.

Please Review the Wild Walking Woman Commitment prior to choosing your Path.

Path 1

Setting Out and Parting Ways
(virtual or in-person)
so you can begin and end the program prioritizing yourself, meet the other amazing women on this journey, and feel energized by moving in community.
8 Virtual Movement Classes
so you can gain strength and confidence while addressing lingering aches and pains and letting go of muscle tension that doesn’t serve you.
Facebook Community
so you can have the support you need to say “yes” to what feels good, a place to share your walking goals, and connect with others.

Wild Walking Woman Pilot- Path 1


Path 2

All Elements of Path 1
Weekly Walking Guide
so you can track your progress, integrate what you’ve learned on your walks and in class, and make sure you’re following your joy.
Webinar- Choosing Shoes for a Healthier You
so you can learn how your shoes impact lifelong wellness, how to assess your shoe collection, and empower you to transition wisely to healthier shoe options.
4 Group Q&A Sessions
(virtual or in-person)
so you can ask and get expert answers to your questions, have accountability to show up for yourself, and gain confidence in building your mindful movement practice using the movement tools you learn.
3 Walking Meditations
so you can reinforce materials learned in movement class and deeply connect with yourself while cultivating your mindful walking practice.
Program Wrap-Up Call
so you can get feedback about your journey and recommendations on how to continue on the path you’ve embarked on with confidence and strength.

Wild Walking Woman Pilot- Path 2


Path 3

All Elements of Paths 1 + 2
4 1:1 Sessions
(virtual or in-person)
so you can get personal guidance based on how your body moves, gaining energy, strength, and confidence as quickly as possible.
Personalized Walking Guidance
so you can receive the highest level of care and attention and have clear direction on what practices to focus on for the most benefit during the program. 

Mindful Movement Care Kit
so you can have tools to deepen and ease your journey. Includes a book, tools for self-massage, and hand-selected items for foot TLC.

Wild Walking Woman Pilot- Path 3


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