You’ve completed Wild Walking Woman. During the course of the program you:

-Deepened your mind-body connection

-Learned exercises, stretches, releases, and rollouts to reduce wear and tear on your body

-Improved your understanding of how your body walks

-Had the support of a community of like-minded women

-Set aside time for yourself to move, rest, and learn

Now what?

I’ve trained many people over the last 7 years, and if I saw many of them today, they would likely tell me one or all of the things below:

– I felt so good training with you, but I had a setback and never got back to my movement practice.

-I learned so much about my body that I wish I’d known years before, but I only remember pieces of it now.

-I do a couple of the exercises now and then, but it’s been a while.

-I know I should walk/exercise/go to the gym/etc, but I don’t have the will power or time.

Wild Wanderer

Wild Wanderer is an extension of Wild Walking Woman, so you can:

-get the support you need to integrate what you’ve learned.

-make the most out of the course materials if you didn’t have time during the program to use them.

-take advantage of your forward momentum and build from a solid foundation

Wild Wanderer is for you if you:

-Want to continue the trajectory of feeling better in your body.

-Want to integrate what you’ve learned into your life.

-Want to embody the alignment points so if you experience a setback, you know how to address any compensations.

-Want continued accountability and community to keep you on track.

-Want to create meaningful time for yourself to move, rest, and learn.

I would be thrilled to support you on the next leg of your journey.


Wild Wanderer Elements


Monthly Q&A

Each month you’ll be asked to submit whatever you’d like me to comment on. This could be a question, a video of yourself walking, or even an observation you made of a stranger’s gait. I will gather all of the submissions and respond to everything in one video, so everyone can learn from what others have asked.

Ongoing Support

It has been delightful to interact with you via Facebook during Wild Walking Woman. It’s especially pleasing to see how you have communicated with and learned from each other. We will continue that connection in Wild Wanderer, including increased accountability and encouragement from me. If significant topics come up during this ongoing support, I’ll address them in the Monthly Q&A.

Monthly Movement Class

Each month I will lead a live, 60 minute movement class via Zoom. Each class will go deep on a specific issue that has come up during the ongoing support or Monthly Q&A. Because of the deep focus, there will be more time for your participation and direct questions than there was during Wild Walking Woman. A pre-recorded version of the class will be made available for download.

Monthly Walk

If you live in the Tri-Cities, there is an option to attend a monthly, 90 minute walk. Just as we did during Wild Walking Woman’s four in person Q&As, we will deepen our understanding of our own walking habits by observing each other. Because the walks are longer, I intend to go a bit farther afield than we did during Wild Walking Woman, exposing you to more varied walking locations.

Monthly 1:1

The highest level of support during Wild Wanderer includes a monthly 1:1 session with me. If you have trained 1:1 with me in the past, you know that while you may have a regular movement practice and a solid understanding of alignment, there is a deeper level of awareness that comes with private coaching. If you want additional 1:1 training let me know!

Dates and Times

A Note on Group Size- Since community is paramount, the preferred group size for both virtual and in person options would be at least three people. If only one or two would are ready to move forward with Wild Wanderer at this time, we will have a conversation about how to get you the support you deserve.

A Note on Time Commitment- In order to for you to have the time you need to integrate what you’ve learned as well as taking into consideration my late-April move, I recommend we commit to three months of Wild Walking Woman to include February, March, and April.

  • Monthly Q&A- You will receive an email on Friday asking you to submit your questions, videos, comments, or other materials that you’d like me to comment on. You will have until Monday to respond. My recorded response to everyone’s inquiries will be made available on Tuesday.
  • Ongoing Support- I encourage you to post and participate when you can, and I will respond to comments and questions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Monthly Movement Class- While you will receive a pre-recorded version of the movement class, I would still like to find a day and time that allows everyone to attend live since there will be more interaction. My suggestion is to continue on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00pm PST / 6:00-7:00pm EST, but I am open to other ideas.
  • Monthly Walk- The date and time of the walk will be based on the availability of those interested. I want to ensure that everyone can attend as there will be no recorded version of the walk. The walks themselves will be 90 minutes, and if agreed upon, we may drive a bit farther to access more diverse walking locations.
  • Monthly 1:1- We’ll select dates and times that work for both you and me! We can discuss further availability if you’d like more than one monthly 1:1 session.

If you would like to join Wild Wanderer, please reply to the email you received on February 5th, letting me know the following:

  • which components you’d like to join
  • your availabilty for the movement class
  • your availability for the in person walk (if applicable)
  • your availability for 1:1 sessions (if applicable)

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